Today’s Word: persevere

March 4, 2017 =========

☆  persevere  耐え忍ぶ


Do you remember back in January, when we learned the word “persist” I told you that I kept spelling “persevere” wrong? It is so frustrating, because I still spell it wrong! I still try to spell it as “perseRvere” when there is no need for that extra R!

So, I guess for me, that something I (still) need to persevere through is learning to spell this word! I have to keep trying and not give up, even though it’s difficult. Which is a perfect definition for persevere: keep trying and don’t give up, even though it’s difficult.

What are you persevering with at the moment? Is there any way that you can make it easier to persevere and get through it?