Today’s Word: miss

January 31, 2017 =========

☆  miss  失敗する


There are many, many different ways to use the word, miss. Let’s look at the most common ones.

If you miss a chance or opportunity, you fail to take advantage of it.
If you miss the meaning or importance of something, you fail to understand or appreciate it.
If you miss something, you fail to notice it.
In sport, if you miss a shot, you fail to get the ball in the goal or the net, or fail to hit the ball with the bat.
If you miss a train or bus, you fail to catch it because you arrive too late.
If you miss a meeting or a party or other activity, you do not go to the event, for whatever your reason.

And the final one, which has a different meaning and nuance to all these, is to miss someone or something, which means you feel sad because you no longer have that person or thing. So, while this meaning is not about failure, it is also another common usage.

And there we are! Already February tomorrow! See you next month…