Today’s Word: cope

February 1, 2017     =========

☆   cope  対処する


Hello! Welcome to February!

Last month, I read a book that was filled with ways for kids to cope with stress. There were ideas for coping by doing something physical – such as going for a walk, or doing pushups, or squeezing a stress ball. There were ideas for coping by distracting yourself, for example, writing a story or doing something creative such as painting, or even watching funny videos on YouTube. And finally, there were ideas for coping by actually processing the feelings you have; by writing in a journal, writing a letter, or drawing a manga about the situation.

The book also suggested making a list of your stress triggers and then listing up ways that you can cope with the stress caused by those triggers. It was a really interesting book, and although it was called, “Coping Skills for Kids” I actually think it would be a good book for all ages!

How do you cope with stress in your life?