maintain 維持する

July 2, 2016  =========
☆ maintain 維持する
We often talk about tips and tricks for maintaining motivation, but how about a system for maintaining your To Do list and priorities? Have you heard of David Allen and his GTD (Getting Things Done) system? I’ve talked about him before in these mails. His system for maintaining current lists is to do a “Weekly Review.” He recommends doing it on a Friday afternoon – this is the perfect time because it’s the end of the week, so you’re probably tired and not motivated to do much work. It also means that Monday morning you are organized and ready to start work straight away.
How do you maintain your system of To Do items and keep it current? Do you have one big list that you just keep adding to? Or do you have lots of little lists all over the place? I love the idea of the Weekly Review, but sometimes it is hard to maintain this as I’m actually quite busy on Friday afternoons! Perhaps I need to choose a different day?!