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July 1, 2016  =========
☆ order 順番を付ける
Hello there! Welcome to July! So, this month we’re talking about prioritizing. One simple tip that time-management gurus suggest is to list up the things that you need to do – it could be things for a project, or just the things you need to do that day – and then order them according to what needs to be done first, then second, and so on.
Ordering tasks works well for projects because often you need to do “Task A” before you can do “Task C” but “Task B” can be done anytime. So if you don’t think about how to order your tasks, you may end up trying to do “Task C” before “Task A” and end up with a big mess! Are you good at ordering tasks so that everything goes smoothly? To be honest, I still need practice at this! How about you?