execute 実行する

July 3, 2016  =========
☆ execute 実行する
If you “execute a plan” you “carry it out” or “do it”. This is the formal word for Nike’s slogan, “Just do it!” You’ll hear this word used to talk about “executing orders” or “executing someone’s wishes” or “executing a maneuver.” It’s not commonly used in everyday English, but it is used in business situation, or other formal situations when talking about orders and plans.
Another meaning for this word that is totally different, means to “kill someone as punishment for a serious crime” and this is actually the more common use of the word! In countries that have capital punishment, the word “execute” is used most often in this kind of situation. So be careful not to mix up your meanings of this word! If you’re not sure, just say “do.” 🙂