learn 身につける

May 23, 2016 =========
☆ learn 身につける
When you learn something, you get new knowledge or skills through studying or training. My neighbor’s children are learning to play the piano… I really, really, really hope that they learn quickly! Are you learning anything at the moment? I’m learning about photography with iPhones.
One of my hobbies is definitely photography, however, my big, bulky DSLR is so heavy I hardly ever take it with me. On the other hand, I always have my iPhone with me, so it makes sense to learn more about how to use it. I couldn’t find a class to participate in to help me learn more about “iPhoneography” however, I found many online resources and even some books at the library. I usually learn best in a classroom situation, but I’m going to try these online tutorials. How about you? Are you learning anything at the moment? How are you learning it? By yourself or in a group? How do you learn best?