popular 一般的な

May 16, 2016  =========
☆ popular 一般的な
If something is popular, it is enjoyed by or liked by a lot of people. For example, watching soccer is popular in Australia, however, watching Australian Rules Football is even more popular. Going to the movies is a popular pastime. Having a coffee with friends is also popular…. What are popular pastimes in Japan?
By the way, be careful of the difference between “common” and “popular”. Many students confused these two words, and would say something like, “Influenza is popular this year.” Of course, what they actually mean is “Influenza is common this year” – in other words many people are catching the flu. The best way to remember whether to use “common” or “popular” is that “popular” is used when you enjoy something. I’m fairly sure that no one enjoys having the flu, right??