entertainment 娯楽

May 6, 2016  =========
☆ entertainment 娯楽
It’s not a public holiday today, is it? So do you have to go back to work? If you do, will you be chatting with your coworkers about what you did during your time off? If so, you could try using today’s word: What did you do for entertainment during the GW holidays?” They might be surprised if you ask them in English though. Ha ha 🙂
“What did you do for entertainment?” is a common question in English, however, the nuance is that the person asking doesn’t really think there was anything interesting to do. For example, if someone said they went camping in the Australian bush for 2 weeks, you would ask them this question because it might seem like 2 weeks camping in bush might be boring. You could also use this word if you are not sure what sort of entertainment there is somewhere. For example, “I’m doing a short homestay in a small town in the UK this year, I wonder what they do for entertainment.”