game ゲーム

May 7, 2016  =========
☆ game ゲーム
Today is my son’s 8th birthday. Every birthday and Christmas he asks for video games, but we never give them to him. I have an iPad which he is allowed to play games on, but he doesn’t have an Xbox or Playstation or anything like that, although he would love one… This year, he asked for a skateboard – I guess he finally realized he is not going to get any kind of video game until he can buy it himself!
In English, when we use the word “game” it can be to talk about a video game, but it is also generally used for sports, such as a tennis game. It can also be used for card games, board games, not just computer games. I’m not sure if the katakana translation only refers to electronic games, but if it does, just remember that in English it is used for any kind of game.