enjoyable 楽しい

May 1, 2016  =========
☆ enjoyable 楽しい
Do you find English study enjoyable? Is it always enjoyable? Sometimes even when something is a hobby or even a job that we like doing, there can be times when we don’t want to do it. For me, I love running, and most of the time it is enjoyable, but then sometimes it is just too hard! I don’t have time or I’m too tired, or some other reason and so running is not enjoyable. But then I heard a saying, “The only bad run is the run you didn’t do!” It’s true! So, I always say to myself, I’ll just run for five minutes (to the end of the street.) Because running (for me) is better than not running.
I think English study might be similar. A lot of my students study English because it is enjoyable, but then sometimes they get frustrated with it and it becomes hard work to study rather than fun. So my recommendation is always just to do “five minutes.” Set the timer, study English for five minutes, and if it’s not enjoyable, then stop. Of course, if you’re having fun, then keep studying! I hope English study is always enjoyable for you, but if not, please try the “five minutes only” trick.