workplace 職場

April 30, 2016 =========
☆ workplace 職場
Wow, we’re at the end of April already! I hope you’ve had a good month and didn’t have to spend all your time at your workplace! Did you get outside to see all the lovely spring flowers? I love spring in Japan, such a great season. It’s autumn right now in Adelaide… too cold for me already!
My sister’s workplace is in the Adelaide hills though, so if I visit her I can see the beautiful yellow and red tree leaves changing colors. My workplace is close to the beach, so that is nice, but I don’t get to enjoy the changing colors of autumn as everything stays green most of the autumn and winter. And my workplace is so cold! This is great in summer, I don’t need air conditioning, but in autumn, winter and even spring, I need blankets!! Ha ha!
Make sure you take time away from work and your workplace to enjoy the warmer months! It’s only early autumn for me and I’m already jealous of you!