inhibit 妨げる

April 23, 2016 =========
☆ inhibit 妨げる
Today’s word is not used that commonly, but it is good to know if you do a lot of reading in English, as it is more often used in written English. Here are two ways to use it:
Firstly, if something inhibits an event of process, it slows it down. For example, “Wine has been found to inhibit digestion.” Or “Rising interest rates is inhibiting young families from borrowing money to buy a house.”
Secondly, if something inhibits someone from doing something it means they are prevented from doing it. “The new laws could inhibit the poor from getting the medical care they need.” Or “The police barricades inhibited the movement of the crowd.”
Instead of inhibit, in everyday English, you would probably use words like hold back, discourage, or prevent.