efficient 効果的な

April 17, 2016  =========
☆ efficient 効果的な
One more thing that I was thinking about with regards to my kids’ abacus class is about how efficient it is. They are learning the abacus, but because the teacher is Japanese and is teaching it in Japanese, and they are using the Japanese workbooks (with instructions written in Japanese) they are learning the abacus using Japanese. Which is a really efficient way to learn *both* the abacus and the Japanese language. They don’t even realize that they are “studying” Japanese! Nice!
Hmm, this sounds like advice I often give you too. 🙂
Do you have a hobby that you are interested in? Or even a topic for work that you need to know about. If you do, why not try learning about that topic in English? It’s an efficient way to learn both English and about that topic. So, if you like photography, for example, there is an American man who lives in Kamakura that teaches DSLR photography classes. Or if you cannot attend a live class, there are so many ways to learn online. Sometimes you can find free classes (search for “learn X online for free”) and so there you have an efficient way to improve a skill and English at the same time. Perfect!