monotony 変化がないこと

April 4, 2016  =========
☆ monotony 変化がないこと
Monotony is a noun, and it means that something never changes and is boring. I guess you could say that monotony is the opposite of diversity, right? If monotony means that nothing changes, nothing is different, then diversity is the opposite as it means that there is a lot of difference.
The interesting thing is that monotony can actually be good for us too! Boredom caused by monotony forces our brains to go on interesting tangents and this can help us be more creative. These days most of us are constantly busy or connected to our iDevices, so we never really experience boredom or monotony. But maybe we should! Did you know that Beethoven found inspiration for his Symphony No. 6 after the boredom and monotony of walking alone in the countryside near Vienna!