facet (物事の)側面

April 5, 2016  =========
☆ facet (物事の)側面
A facet of something is a single part of aspect of it. When we think about people, they have many different facets to them. We each have many facets of our lives, for example, in my case; daughter, sister, friend, mother. In this case, a “facet” is like a role I play in my life.
We also have different facets of our personality, and depending on our mood and the situation we may express ourselves differently to different people, showing different facets of our character. I read in a book that “all we ever know are facets of one another.” We may feel as if we know each other well, when actually all we really know is facets of that person. What do you think about that idea? Do you show different facets of yourself to different people? How about when you are online versus offline and in person?