enrich 豊かにする

April 1, 2016  =========
☆ enrich 豊かにする
Welcome to April! Today’s word, enrich, means to improve the quality of something, and we usually do that by adding something to it. It is often used in gardening talk, for example, “It is important to enrich the soil prior to planting.” This month’s topic is “Diversity” and enrich is an important word to know when speaking about this topic.
In Australia, we have a very multicultural society, and I think this mosaic of cultural diversity really enriches Australia. While Japan is not all that diverse culturally, diversity can come from other places. For example, compared to Australia, it is more common in Japan for the grandparents to live with their family and grandchildren, rather than go into a nursing home. Living with this kind of extended family can enrich life in many ways, too.
How do you try to enrich your own life each day?