confidence 自信

March 31, 2016 =========
☆ confidence 自信
Oh, look, the perfect word to follow on from yesterday. Basically in the book about raising a champion athlete they talk about mental toughness and confidence. If you’re not mentally tough, if you don’t have confidence, then success is going to be hard at a professional level. This is so true for English too.
Maybe in everyday conversations it’s not that important, but if you’re using English at work or in business then you’ll need to have confidence. Even if you feel like your English is not perfect enough, it’s still OK to have confidence. In fact, most English speakers are just happy that you speak English, as they don’t speak Japanese! For any kind of communication, have confidence, and if you’re feeling nervous, think about your inner self-talk and see if you can be more positive.
See you next month,