awareness 自覚

March 30, 2016 =========
☆ awareness 自覚
I was recently reading a book about kids’ sport and how to grow young athletes into champions… yes, of course I think my son is going to be a soccer superstar that’s why I was reading it. 😉 ha ha. Actually I was reading it because it had very good ideas on how to change negative self-talk. Often the only real difference between a great player and one who never gets to play professionally is their self-talk. Positive self-talk is the “magic ingredient” to years of hard training and practice.
However, changing from negative to positive self-talk is really hard! And the key thing is “awareness.” Most people don’t even have awareness of what their inner self-talk is. Do you? Have you ever thought about your inner self-talk regarding English? Are you silently telling yourself that English is hard? Or that English is fun and easy? If you have awareness of your thoughts, then you can start to catch yourself and change the thought. For example, if you catch yourself thinking to yourself “English hard, I always make mistakes.” you can stop that thought by saying something like, “English is sometimes hard, and I sometimes make mistakes, but I’m doing my best, so I’m going to speak with confidence.” Try it! It works – but awareness of your thoughts is the first thing.