potential 潜在能力

March 28, 2016 =========
☆ potential 潜在能力
This week we are moving on to nouns, and “potential” is the noun that refers to possibilities. We often talk about someone reaching their true potential. This is where they have found the skill or talent and they continue to build that skill so that they reach their full potential.
When we are young, our parents want us to study hard and go to the best school, so that we can reach our potential and have a great future. As we get older we might have a boss or a mentor that encourages us and helps bring out our potential.
How about you? Do you think you have reached your potential in life? (Ps. The answer is “no,” of course none of us have yet!!) What exciting potential do you have inside? What skills do you have inside you that are waiting to be discovered?