thriving 繁栄している

March 21, 2015 =========
☆ thriving 繁栄している
Today’s word is most often used to describe things like a country’s economy, for example, “The US domestic economy is thriving at the moment.” However, you can also use it to describe things that people are doing. For example, “He started as an intern and now has a thriving career in the IT field.” Or, “I grew up in a small town so I came to Tokyo to look for a job.”
Here are a couple of other examples:
This area is famous for its thriving fruit industry.
I was worried when we moved and my daughter had to change schools, but her new teachers describe her as thriving.
Look at this thriving plant, it’s beautiful.
Can you use “thriving” in a sentence? Be sure to use it as an adjective, not a verb!