improve 改善する

March 20, 2015 =========
☆ improve 改善する
This month, we’re talking about improving ourselves, to become a “better me.” What kind of things do you do to try and improve yourself? Learning English is one thing, right? Do you ever go to workshops or events to learn new skills or information? I try to improve myself by attending events on new and different topics whenever I can.
Earlier this month, I went to a talk by a woman named Turia Pitt. She is amazing. A real story of how we can always work harder to improve ourselves and become the best person we can be. Four years ago, she was in a running event and got caught in a bushfire. She was so badly burned they didn’t think she would survive. She did survive, but has terrible burn scars all over her body, she couldn’t walk or feed herself, or even talk very easily. Now she can walk, run, and does public speaking to raise money for charity. Amazing! Her secret was that she tried to improve herself just a teeny, tiny bit each day. I’m going to try that too!