seductive   セクシーな

February 26, 2015 =========
☆ seductive   セクシーな
Seductive can be used in two ways. Obviously the first way is to describe someone who is sexually attractive. For example, “She is a very seductive woman.” Or “She loves dressing up to look seductive.” Although you can use “seductive” to describe men, it is usually used when describing women.
The second way to use “seductive” is to describe something that makes you want to do something you would not usually do. For example, you might hear a “seductive idea” – an idea that makes you want to do that idea even though you wouldn’t normally do that kind of thing. Or a “seductive argument” might be a discussion or statement that convinces you of something that you wouldn’t normally believe.
For me, a “seductive idea” might be the offer from Jetstar of cheap flights to Japan! Even though I am not planning a trip to Japan at the moment, the advertising is very seductive and makes me want to buy a ticket to Japan right now!