jaded  疲れきった

February 25, 2015 =========
☆ jaded  疲れきった
If you are jaded, you feel bored, tired, and not enthusiastic. We usually use this word when talking about a situation where you have had too much of the same thing. Although the translation might make you think the word is similar to “tired” or “exhausted” it is actually closer in meaning to “bored.”
If you have too much of a good thing, you may end up “jaded” or “bored” with that thing. For example, someone who always eats out at wonderful restaurants might actually become jaded with this and feel like they’d like a home-cooked meal. Often people who work for charities or even in government and schools can become jaded because they expect to be doing great things for society but in the end they might find they are stuck in a bureaucracy and not achieving great things.
Have you ever felt jaded? What was it in relation to?