pin down 明確に定義する

January 24, 2015 =========
☆ pin down 明確に定義する
Today’s word is a good one to create a visual image of. If you image that you have a pin board, and you are trying to pin a note or photo to it. You are trying to “pin down” that item, so that you can keep it in that exact spot. You are trying to “pin down” the information. If you try to pin “something” down, you try to discover exactly what, where, or when it is. For example, “They have pinned down the exact location of the missing plane.”
When you pin “someone” down, you try to force them to make a decision or to tell you the exact details of their decision. For example, “When she asked him about when they would get married she couldn’t pin him down to a date.”
I’m not sure if you like my visual idea for this word, if not, please think of one for yourself as visual images of words and their meanings can really help you remember them.