draw (a conclusion)  (結論に)達する

January 23, 2015 =========
☆ draw (a conclusion)  (結論に)達する
If you draw a conclusion, you decide that that conclusion is true. For example, “We can only draw one conclusion from this.” Or “I don’t want to draw any conclusions until I have spoken to my brother about the incident.”
You can also use “draw” by itself of course, and it is similar in meaning to deduce, infer, and make. For example, you can “draw a comparison” when you compare or contrast two different ideas. As an example, “You could draw a comparison between the original Star Wars and the new Episode 7.” Or you can “draw someone’s attention to something” meaning that you make them aware of that thing. “He was waving his arms to draw their attention.”
Do you know any other ways to use “draw”?