posture 態度

January 10, 2015  =========
☆ posture 態度
We usually think of “posture” as meaning the way you stand or sit. For example, “Working at computers all day is bad for your posture.” However, today’s word is a different meaning, it is your “attitude” that you have toward something. In other words, it is your attitude or demeanor. For example:
“He had a posture of defense.” In other words, the way he stood or sat showed that he was defensive.
“There was a grace and freedom in her posture.” In other words, she moved/stood/sat in a way that showed she was relaxed and perhaps elegant.
“The government didn’t change their posture despite the petition.” In other words, the government made a decision to do something, the people disagreed and created a petition to stop them doing it, but they did it anyway.