effective 印象的な

January 11, 2015 =========
☆ effective 印象的な
Something that is effective works well and produces the results that were intended. For example, Tokyo has a very effective public transport system. I really miss the public transport system in Tokyo! It really is effective – it is on time almost all of the time, it can take you almost anywhere, and it’s not really that expensive either.
In my hometown, most people drive as the public transport system is “so not effective!” Normally, an adult would say “ineffective” – the opposite of effective. However these days, it is common for young people to use “so not” plus the positive version of the word for extra emphasis. For example, “that is so not happening” means that “that” is definitely NOT going to happen.
So, if “effective” was not a new word for you, I hope you have learned a little bit today about different grammar patterns that are emerging in English recently.