message メッセージ

January 8, 2015 =========
☆ message メッセージ
I don’t often talk about spelling but this is one word that is often spelled incorrectly by Japanese people and has a totally different meaning. A “message” with an “e” is a piece of information that you send to someone when you cannot speak to them directly. It is often confused with “massage” with an “a”, which is the body rub-down that you have at a day spa. The trouble with this kind of spelling mistake is that the spell checker won’t pick it up because both “massage” and “message” are correct words. However, look at these kinds of situations where getting the wrong spelling could be awkward!
“Can you give him a message from me?” (information from me to him through you.)
“Can you give him a massage from me?” (a body rub from me through you!)
“I really need a massage!” (Stiff shoulders maybe?)
“I really need a message!” (Waiting for a “sign” or “message” from the universe!)
So if you’re using written English in messages or other situations watch your spelling!