eye contact アイコンタクト

January 7, 2015 =========
☆ eye contact アイコンタクト
Oh! Yesterday I said your smile and friendly intonation were the most important things for making a good impression when you speak English with someone. How could I have forgotten the importance of eye contact! Eye contact is so important, if you are constantly looking away or avoiding eye contact, the person you are speaking to will wonder what is wrong.
Sometimes it is easy to tell that a lack of eye contact is just because someone is nervous, but most of the time in western culture, no eye contact is believed to mean that the person is lying! So if you’re uncomfortable making eye contact with others, practice! Talk to yourself in the mirror and practice eye contact with yourself. It might sound silly, but it really is a good way to practice and being able to have eye contact with others is an important skill for speaking English.