highlight  (話などの)ハイライト

January 5, 2015 =========
☆ highlight  (話などの)ハイライト
The highlight of something, such as a story, an event, or a period of time, is the most interesting or exciting part of it. For example, at the end of a sports game on TV they will usually show the highlights, which are the best parts of the game (according to the TV producers!)
You can also talk about the highlight of your day. For me, the highlight of my day yesterday was finding the book I wanted to buy last month on sale for 50% off! Ha ha. I always love to find a bargain.
When you hear a long story from someone, when they are describing something to you in detail, you might say, “just give me the highlights” meaning you want the interesting bits of the story only – not all of the background information and so on. Be careful with this, if the person really wants to tell you their story, then it’s best to listen! If however, you missed a work meeting, then it’s the perfect time to use it, “can you give me the highlights of the meeting?”