facial expression  表情

January 4, 2015 =========
☆ facial expression  表情
Facial expressions can be really helpful when understanding what a person is saying in English. British and Australians in particular like sarcasm, and so a person’s intonation and facial expression can help you realize that they are being sarcastic. For example, the following sentences can mean something totally different depending on what the speaker’s facial expression is:
I love it! (e.g. When you give them a gift, and they open it with the facial expression of either happiness or disappointment but trying to be polite.)
Do you want me to help? (e.g. someone is offering to help, and their facial expression is either smiling and looking helpful, or a little bit cool – like they are hoping you will say, “no”.)
The movie was excellent. (e.g. A bored facial expression versus an excited one.)
How about when speaking Japanese: are facial expressions an important part of communication?