tale 物語

December 21, 2015 =========
☆ tale 物語
A “tale” is a story that often includes magic or exciting events. However, we can also use it to refer to an interesting or exciting story about a real event. When we talk about dangerous or scary experiences, we often use the idiom, “lived to tell the tale.” Have you heard this idiom? Here are some examples:
I had a meeting with my boss and lived to tell the tale. (You would use this if the boss is famous for being tough or scary.)
You lived to tell the tale this time, but you really should be more careful. (You would use this if someone did something dangerous – for example drink and drive, or less serious, like jumping off a high wall – and luckily survived but you want them to be more careful in the future.)
Have you ever had a scary or dangerous experience and lived to tell the tale? What happened?