come around 同調する

December 20, 2015 =========
☆ come around 同調する
There are a couple of different ways to use “come around” and you might know some of these, so let’s take a look. The first usage is today’s meaning, “to come around” to an idea or opinion means that eventually you change your mind and accept it or agree with it. For example, “Do you think he’ll come around to the idea of getting a dog?” Or, “I asked my boss for a raise, she said she’d think about it. I hope she’ll come around to it!”
Of course, the most basic meaning of “come around” is when someone visits you. For example, “Do you want to come around after work?” or “He came around this morning to apologize.”
You can also talk about something that happens regularly using “comes around.” For example, “The Olympics comes around every four years.” Or “The school holidays come around quickly every summer!”
Can you use “come around” in one or all of these ways in a sentence?