sing 歌う

November 18, 2015 =========
☆ sing 歌う
Last week, my friend posted a video of her 7 year old son singing the US national anthem in front of his whole school (in the USA). Wow, he must have been so brave to sing that song in front of everyone. He did a pretty good job singing it, considering it’s a hard song to sing all the high notes.
Is the Japanese national anthem hard to sing? Whenever I watch international sport competitions and the teams have to sing the national anthem, such as in the rugby championships not long ago, I am always surprised at how few of the players can actually sing the anthem! Most Australians know the first part of the national anthem, but not the second part, so they always stop singing part way through, which is kind of embarrassing when the TV camera is filming them! How about the Japanese teams? I think they tend to know the national anthem and sing it quite well, right?
Could you sing the Japanese national anthem in public?