cautious 慎重な

November 27, 2015 =========
☆ cautious 慎重な
So today’s word is the complete opposite of yesterday’s, which is always a good way to learn new words, right? Learn the new word and the opposite at the same time. So someone who is impulsive acts without thinking or taking care. And someone who is cautious acts very carefully after giving something a great deal of thought.
Here are some example sentences:
He is a very cautious man. / He is a very impulsive man.
She took a cautious approach to the problem. / She took an impulsive approach to the problem.
Don’t be so cautious! / Don’t be so impulsive.
As you can see, they are used in the same way – the only difference is that they have the opposite meaning. Which one are you- cautious or impulsive? Or somewhere in the middle?