impulsive 衝動的な

November 26, 2015 =========
☆ impulsive 衝動的な
Someone who is impulsive does things suddenly without thinking carefully first. Do you think that this word could describe Japanese people in general? I don’t think so… in my experience living in Japan, I guess I felt that Japanese people were more careful and spent time considering things first.
What do you think? Is my impression correct or do you think that Japanese people are impulsive? Do you think that “impulsive” can be a cultural trait?
In Western culture, “impulsive” is often used together with “compulsive” to describe the condition of ADHD. Although they are connected, they are quite different. Impulsive means to act spontaneously without thought in order to benefit from something (however, it usually ends with a negative result). On the other hand, “compulsive” refers to repeated actions when people feel threatened or that there is some risk to them. In western culture, this condition of “impulsive and compulsive” behavior is increasing, especially in children. How about in Japan?