adamant 頑固な

November 25, 2015 =========
☆ adamant 頑固な
This word always makes me laugh, because back in the 1980’s there was a really popular British singer with the stage name of Adam Ant. If you look at his name, basically you can see that it is the word, “adamant” so as a kid whenever I saw his name, I thought it meant determined and stubborn, and not likely to change their mind about something.
I have no idea whether that is why he chose the name Adam Ant or not, but it stuck with me all of these years! And that is why using funny memory tricks can be a great way to learn and remember vocabulary. You could do the same thing for this word if you want. Here is a link to a picture of Adam Ant (from the 1980’s)
If that image and “adamant” stick together in your mind, then you have a great little memory trick for remembering today’s word, meaning “determined”. I think he looks pretty determined and adamant in this image! Of course if this memory trick doesn’t work for you, choose one that does. Everyone is different, so “I’m adamant that you don’t need to use the same memory trigger as me.” 🙂