rust さびる

November 1, 2015  =========
☆ rust さびる
This month’s topic is “Sing or Rust”. In fact, I’ve never heard of “rust” used as a verb in this way, but “rusty” the adjective is often used to describe a skill that we are no longer good at.
For example, if you are good at singing, but haven’t practiced in a long time, you would say, “my singing is a little rusty”. Or if you study English but haven’t spoken it in a while, you could say, “I haven’t used English in a while, so I’m a little rusty.” In other words, it means “out of practice” or “weak”.
However, today’s meaning is a little different – I think it is used to mean that you get old and rust if you don’t do the things that you love. What do you think? What does “Sing or rust” mean to you? Come and tell me on Facebook, and you can see my photo of me dressed up (a little bit) like Harry Potter for Halloween yesterday!