compare 比べる

October 22, 2015 =========
☆ compare 比べる
When you think about your English level, do you compare yourself to other people or do you compare yourself to “you in the past”? Naturally, my belief is that you should only compare yourself to yourself. If you compare yourself to others, you’ll always be better or worse at English than someone… so it’ll be impossible to feel satisfied with your English progress.

On the other hand, if you think about your English last year or six months ago, or at some time in the past and then think about your English right now, and compare those two things, you can get a real feel about how your English is progressing. You might feel that you are doing much better, or just a little better. Or you might even compare your English now to your English last year and decide that your English has not improved… in that case, what can you do? Comparing yourself now to yourself in the past will give you a good starting point for making changes if you need to.

By the way, did you see my “onegai” in yesterday’s mail? I am doing a business management course, and for one test, I need to do a questionnaire and get 30 responses. Thank you to everyone who answered, I just need 3 more responses! So, if you didn’t get a chance to look at this questionnaire, I’d really appreciate your time to answer a few questions. It’s in Japanese, asking you about English study. Here is the link:
Thank you!