determine 決心する

October 21, 2015 =========
☆ determine 決心する
Today’s verb is the formal use of the word, “determine.” It means to decide to do something. You commit to doing it, you make a decision to do it. Another way to use “determine” is in the phrasal verb, “to be determined”. In this case, the verb is more about motivation than about making a decision. So let’s look at some difference sentences showing the usage:
I determined that I would ask him as soon as I saw him. (I made a decision to ask him.)
I am determined to ask him as soon as I see him. (I am motivated to ask him.)
He determined to rescue the abandoned dog. (He decided to rescue the dog.)
He was determined to rescue the abandoned dog. (He was motivated to rescue the dog.)
Can you see the difference? One is about making a decision and one is about being motivated.


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