waver 動揺する

October 20, 2015 =========
☆ waver 動揺する
When you waver it means that you cannot decide about something, or you consider changing your mind about something. Last week I mentioned that I am running a 105km run this Saturday… Oh my goodness it is just 6 more sleeps!! I really wavered on this decision. Sometimes it was easy, I would think, “Yes, it’ll be fun!” and then 5 minutes later, I would think, “NO WAY!! I cannot run that far!”
But it’s too late now… I’m signed up and have all my gear ready, so even if I waver on my decision during the week, it’s too late! (I even have maps, to help with my poor direction skills!)
Have you ever wavered on a decision that you’ve made? What was the decision? Why did you waver? Was there some reason you wanted to change your mind