combination 組み合わせ

September 26, 2015 =========
☆ combination 組み合わせ
A combination of things is a mixture of them. For example, “People often think of science and art as being in opposition of each other, but the combination of these two disciplines can lead to amazing results.” In Australian universities, you either have to choose to do an “Arts” degree or a “Science” degree. This is still true; however, in recent years universities are starting to change and Sydney University is now offering a “BLAS” degree, which is a combination of “Liberal Arts” and “Science.”
How about in Japan? Are universities becoming more flexible in the choices they offer? Is it possible to study a combination of disciplines or do you need to choose just one as your main? I think the combination of English and just about anything else is a great combination! What do you think makes a good combination?