identity アイデンティティー

September 24, 2015 =========
☆ identity アイデンティティー
Your identity is who you are. We also talk about our identity as being the characteristics that make us different from others. For example, people might have a cultural identity, or the people living in a country might have a national identity. If you feel like you are too similar to others around you then you might talk about wanting a “sense of my own identity.”
In the case of a “sense of identity” we are usually talking about the internal differences, the invisible things that distinguish us from others. However, teenagers often form their sense of identity by being outwardly different from others. For example, they might wear certain clothes or dye their hair to show their identity and to prove they are different from others. In western culture, it’s ironic though, because teenagers tend to copy what others are doing to form a sense of identity and be seen as an individual… but in fact, they end up just copying someone else! How about in Japan with Japanese teenagers?