individuality 個性

September 23, 2015 =========
☆ individuality 個性
The individuality of a person or thing is the qualities that make them different from other people or things. In Western culture, individuality is an important part of life. We believe that people should be free to express their individuality. Of course, they must express their individuality within the rules of society. If they are school students for example, they usually have to wear a uniform, and so it’s hard to express their individuality.
Schools are one place where “conformity” (Sept. 21) is usually more important than individuality. Research in the US says that one reason for the school uniform is that it helps stop teenagers forming gangs. When kids express their individuality through clothing, they end up hanging out with people wearing similar clothing, and this – apparently – leads to gangs forming! How about in Japan, are school students allowed to express their individuality at school? Or are conformity and wearing the school uniform exactly the most important things?