foundation 基盤

September 22, 2015 =========
☆ foundation 基盤
The “foundation” is the base, the groundwork, the basis of something. It is the base upon which other things are built. So, when we talk about our own “foundation” we are talking about our beliefs or the things that are most important to us; the things that we have built our life upon. For example, “Best friends are the foundation of my life.”
We often talk about something “shaking the foundations” of something. If you can imagine an earthquake, shaking the foundations (the base) of a house, that is where the idiom comes from. When something shakes the foundations of something, it causes uncertainty and makes people wonder if their beliefs are really true or not:
The destruction caused by war shook the foundations of Western idealism.
Emotional conflict can shake the foundations of even the strongest relationship.
It’s not such a common word in everyday English, but still a good one to know!