conformity 順応

September 21, 2015 =========
☆ conformity 順応
I have two calendars by my desk. One is a big one which shows a month at a time, and has space for writing events and so on. The other one is a tiny calendar showing all the days and months of the year. For some reason there is no conformity among calendars. The big one starts the week on a Monday, the small one starts the week on a Sunday.
This lack of conformity confuses me all the time! For example, today’s word is a noun, right? But yesterday’s word was a verb, so I took a quick look at my calendar to make sure that today was Monday (ha ha, yes, I’m always a little confused on Mondays… is it Monday already??) but of course, I looked at the small calendar, which starts on Sunday, and was confused because it looked like *yesterday* was Monday and today is Tuesday. OK, I’m sure this never happens to you, and it is probably a little confusing, too, but I just wish there was some conformity among the calendars that I own! Did I mention that my other diary lists the days of the week going DOWN the page, instead of across… it’s all so confusing! I’m going back to bed – somebody please wake me up when it’s Tuesday!!