define 定義する

September 16, 2015 =========
☆ define 定義する
If you define something, you show or describe it clearly and state what its limits are and what it is like. One thing that you can do to be more successful in life is “define your values.” A company usually has a mission statement or a set of defined values, but people don’t usually. Why not? Have you ever taken time to define your personal values? I found a great article about this idea here:
The author says that most people say they know what their values are, but this isn’t really true. We cannot really know our values until we have taken time to define them clearly in writing and then tested them in daily decision-making. For example if you define one of your values as “family”, but then you work overtime every day and don’t get home until after dinner, then “family” might not actually be one of your most important values.
In the article he suggests 5 steps to help you define your values, and the benefit of this is that having a list of 4 or 5 values that you have defined clearly will make decision-making so much easier on the way to success. I’m going to do mine right now…