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September 17, 2015 =========
☆ select 選択する
OK, so yesterday I said I was going to define my values, and I tried, but it’s not that easy! I made a list of values, but it was long and trying to select my top 5 was very hard! I did manage to select about 8 for my top values, but then to put those in order of 1 to 5… it gets harder to choose or select them yet again!
I did like his idea of “testing the value”. For this part of his activity, you had to think of a situation where your value would be tested, and then imagine the result of following your value – would it help you or hurt you? If you find that it helps you move closer to your goals then you can select that as a value. However, if it hurts you (in other words, moves you away from your goals) then of course, that is probably not a true value for you, so you wouldn’t select that one.
Have you ever listed up your values? How did you select your top 5?