follow 次に起こる

September 15, 2015 =========
☆ follow 次に起こる
If an event or an activity “follows” something it comes next or comes after the first event. For example:
There was a loud noise followed by a huge fire.
The police were not prepared for the rioting that followed the guilty verdict.
Unless you take better care of your health, other problems may follow.
You can also use follow with “through” as in “follow through” which is when you continue doing an action or thinking about a plan or an idea, until you have done everything possible. E.g. “He decided to follow through with his original plan.”
One more phrasal verb using follow is “follow up”, as in trying to find out more about something. E.g. “I’m still waiting for a response from my boss about a raise, I guess I should follow it up with him.”